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XiaChuan Iland trip


Last month, company organized a short trip to Xiachuan Iland, two days holidy in all. The iland is perfect, made of many little ilands, most of local person are live with the sea fishing.

We  nearly 150 people took 3 big tour bus to set ourt. After 3 hours, we got one very specialized restaurant, 10 workers reunined a table having lunch together. As the weather was quite hot, we finished the meal quickly. Then after a short while, we transfer to ship.

The hotel is closed to the seaside, cross the window, we could enjoy the sea. It took just one minute, you could touch the sea water.

Everybody changed the swimsuit quickly , run to the sea. We had fun that day. To enjoy the scenery and felt the gental sea wind. As well as the beautiful sunset.....

The second day, we took the bus to visit the famous scenic spot----Meijia Big Yard. Our mainland had chosen this place as the important outdoor scene.

Time flies,  we backed company after the second lunch by bus. It was memorised .


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