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Hello my dear friends,


The Internetional Labor's Day is one of the most imortant festival in China. Normally, we will have 3 days holiday to celebrate.

Many families chose to traval around in comestic. Such as peking, to visit our Great Wall and the Imperial Palace some famous historic buildings.

There are also many kinds of tourist attractions. Tibet,Dali, Yangsuo, Yunnan,Jiuzhaigou,Hangzhou,etc.

Welcome to come China, my friends. Our Aidely Precision Technology Co., LTD settled in Shenzhen CIty ,Guangdong Provice. This is a coastal city, very beautiful with rich sea foods. many High-Tech parks creating amazing products. Here has evergreen trees besides of the roads, also have some kinds of fruit tress, Mango Tree, Jackfruit Tree, Litchi...Now , shenzhen is coming summer, very hot but wet. Two big oorts, Yantian and Shekou.

Anyway, if you have your vacation, you can choose Shenzhen in China. Beacuse, here not only have so much beauty places to see, delicious to eat, but also is the biggest electronic market in ASIAN. Huaqiang North, you can not miss this place. Whenever electronic products you wanna buy, you can seek it.


Welcome to China. Shenzhen is waiting for your.

Happy Labor's Day!

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