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Electronic pressing assembly fixture 29#

Electronic pressing assembly fixture 29#
Electronic pressing assembly fixture 29#
  • Electronic pressing assembly fixture 29#
  • Electronic pressing assembly fixture 29#
  • Minimum: 1
  • Delivery: 15 working days
  • Model: 29#
  • Country: China
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
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Product Information

Packaging & Delivery

according to customer's request

15 wording days


  Electronic pressing assembly fixture

Designed by Aidely according to customer's requirement

===We offer a variety of assembly and test services for the manufacturing industries.
===With vertical integration in precision machining, superior Supply Chain Management tools, guarantees you the highest quality and quickest turnaround time.
===Our program managers stay in constant communication with customers to ensure a smooth transition during build.

===We are ready to accommodate any of your requirements.

===MFG Engineering Services for Assembly Builds

===We have done different type of material surface treatment:
a. Stainless steel: electro polishing, chemical polishing, passivation, and chrome.
b. Aluminum alloy: Sandblasting, ordinary and hard anodizing, passivation, painting and dusting of true color, black, gray and red, etc.
c. Carbon and alloy steel: nigrescence, zinc, chromium, nickel plating, electroless nickel, phosphating, painting and dusting and so on.


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