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(Aidely reported on April 5th, 2011)

On March 26th, 2011,after less than a month of intensive preparation, we welcomed Aidely’s cheers and encouraging day when we started the relocation of its new plant.

In the four days of plant’s moving, all the workers make hard working to fulfill their responsibility and obligations; we see a lot of learning figures: Warehouse Department Xuwang Fei who worked overtime and lead a team to clean up the warehouse in the old plant; Administrative Department Zhang Yajun who had done a good job on logistics services for the staff; property security Wang Yixun from Administration Department who stayed in the job day and night , or even 60 hours without any rest and complaint in order to make ensure the company’s property safety; electrician Zhu Ji-Hong who did not work for a long time and faced with the problems of new plant relocation; as we all know, during the period of the new plant relocation, the electrician's work are the most. However, regardless of the hardships, Zhu worked hard and had done quite well. In Aidely, there are many people like them which can not be listed one by one.

It is precisely these excellent workers that the new plant relocation was carried out so smoothly according to plan; rumbling sound of the machine in new plant, busy footsteps, ears occasion, Aidely workers began to work orderly with enthusiastic and dedication under the new working environment...

New environment, new mood! Clean and bright plants, orderly machine, spacious and clean office environment; a different feeling for u at the first sight; we will be able to work hard in such a pleasant environment.

Let us singing the song of Aidely towards a better future!

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