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Dragon Boat Festival


Summer, it is too hot in Shenzhen. Well, we welcomed our traditional festival---Dragon Boat Festival!!!! Our company provided each colleague one dazon mike and two big rice dumping(Zongzi).

That's made us missed our hometown. Diffirent cities have kinds of customs. For example: In our East Noth, we will hung up  Artermsia argyi or Wilow twigs with calabash together into the eaves gap.It means health or everthing goes well something good like that. People wear five colors wires on hands. When the rain came, we need to drop the wires. Means the wire will take off our disease and bad luck,etc. In south, you know because the region,people will organize the Dragon Boat Game.It is very livly activities which could execise our team work ability. Meanful!

Children were happy, they got the best gifts,some family travlled to somewhere, relax and enjoy.

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