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Our Advantage

Our Strong Points
Titanium Alloy Processing

Titanium is a high price and high hardness metal which has become increasingly popular in the high requirements of precision parts. However, many processing factories keep it at arm's length, because the cutting is extremely difficult, and the prices of raw materials is very high, so once scrapped, it costs much to lose. But through a strict process control, tool selection, Aidely has accumulated rich experience which makes us very good at machining titanium parts with lower price.

Special Material Processing
The company can not only easily correspond to titanium and stainless steel processing, but also due to our strong and serious engineering technology, and appropriate choice of machining parameters and tool, overcome all kinds of difficult and the processing of special materials, such as the PEEK , high nitrogen stainless steel, CPM 420,1 J22, Nitronic, Inconel, Hastelloy and other materials. The cutting of certain materials such as magnesium alloy is not difficult, but the cutting magnesium pieces is very flammable and can make a great risk of the workshop. As to these species, we are all through strict process control, security protection, and have overcome the difficulty one by one. Nowadays the materials are never-ending changes and improvement, and we are willing and active to challenge all new materials processing.

Foreign Drawings, Standard Response
Today's Earth is a global village , our customers from around the world , mainly in Britain, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, so, we are very familiar with the language, drawing standards, processing standards and material standards of JIS DIN, ASTM , AISI, BS , ISO , MIL , etc. of these countries. We can say is daily contact. So, from the raw material procurement of work piece to processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, in accordance with national standards for the corresponding processing we can also find the relevant standards, and swap among the standards.

Aluminum Alloy Grinding
Aluminum parts of high-precision are completed relied on grinding. When grinding aluminum, the wheel size, particle material and concentration, processing parameters and filtration measures of grinding coolant, should be treated meticulously, and be in good co-ordination, in order to produce a perfect product. Aidely’s rigorous process procedures and advanced technology staff are equipped with this knowledge, many years of practical results and experience.

Complex Assembly
The company can not only do parts machining, but also can process precision assembly. The assembly may be interference or transitional fit, pin positioning, locking fasteners, HELICOIL, glue or without glue, laser welding, electronic welding , brazing, and so on. We also have excellent leaking testing machine of vacuum nitrogen, and various instruments in order to reach the aim when you get the assembly parts, once fitted , you can use .

Smelting Equipment Fixture Design and Complete
Strong engineering and graphics support, we can quickly provide customers with the design and a one-stop machining, integration, testing and completion of smelting equipment fixture. Our customers are particularly convenient to the service, and can control the cost very well.

Cost Control
This is the strengths of Aidely. Now competition in the industry is very intense, but we will be under the premise of quality guarantee, all aspects for your sake. We believe long as the constant interaction with customers, optimize process, we can reduce costs for customers on the one hand, on the other hand we can still maintain profits. But at the same time, we will never sacrifice quality for the price to reduce costs.

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