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1. Worm precision mating parts of new energy battery device 

Material: 40Cr
Work piece size: Φ80 * 25mm
Surface treatment: heat treatment HRC45, surface black
Processing time: 3 hours
Processing equipment: CNC lathe
Difficulty: this component is formed by two parts of inside covering and outside covering connected by thread of 7mm. The biggest difficulty is when the worm is threaded into any one location from 2mm to 7mm, the whole run of the inside covering diameter relative to the outside one is 0.02mm . The inner covering diameter is Φ55 +0.005 / -0.000, while the outside precise diameter Φ65 +0.000 / -0.005.

2 Manifold parts of high-end liquid food packaging equipment

Material: 7075 - T6,
Work piece dimensions: 135 * 105 * 56
Surface treatment: hard anodizing, film thickness 20 ± 3um
Processing time: 3 hours
Processing equipment: Axis machining center
Difficulties description:
a. Anodic oxidation requires imported aluminum base material from USA and strict control of process parameters in order to achieve the surface appearance requirements.
b. The work piece is through the four-axis rotation to eight different angles to complete the 16 holes and the formation of the complex cavity, and the relative position require a higher degree. Upon completion block all the side holes to test the pressure with 7MPa.
c. After oxidation it is needed to the hole diameter with many precisions of H7.

3. Aviation equipment parts:

Material: 6AL - 4V (Titanium)
Work piece dimensions: 155 * 35 * 32
Processing time: 6 hours
Processing equipment: four-axis machining center, wire cutting, etc.
Process difficulty: This part shape is a little complex, and is high accuracy and easy to be out of shape. 92 dimensions and geometrical tolerances should be all in accordance with drawing requirements. The parallelism of the two dovetail -shaped tank bottom on the top and underside is 0.02. The convex platform in the centre of the dovetail- shaped tank has recess with the width of 0.9 +0.02 / -0.00. Several symmetries are up to 0.02, and the accuracy of fine holes is 0.01.

4. High precision eccentric shaft

Material: 20CrNiMo (alloy steel)
Work piece size: Φ55 * 307
Surface treatment: the hardness of HRC62 ± 2
Processing time: 7 hours
Processing equipment: four-axis machining centers, CNC lathes and cylindrical grinders, etc.
Technological difficulties:
a. The transition junction of two eccentric outer diameters.
b. Two -axis eccentricity is of 10 +0.05 / -0.00, and the parallelism is of 0.05 axis positioning.
c. The circle of each common axis’s whole run is 0.01 relative to axis, and a maximum outer diameter accuracy is h5, the roughness is Ra0.4.
d. The deformation of carburizing heat treatment after rough processing should be controlled within 0.02 beating.

5. Deformation lamella piece of high-end medical equipment

Material: 6 AL-4 V (titanium alloy)
The size: 215.19 x 134.92 x 6.35
Surface treatment: tempering, HRC35 ± 3
Processing time: six hours
Processing equipments: four axis machining center, flat Grinder, etc
Difficult process points:
It seems that this part is very simple, but actually it is very easily to be out of shape. Titanium alloy material is hard to process, space size is very hard to measure, and it requires high precision, which make the part to be the peak processing work! Processing technology highly integrates the machining deformation and materials stress limits. Thickness is 6.35, two sides parallel is 0.01, and hole diameter between two feet is 135 + 0.01. The relative symmetry of central line of big circle diameter is 0.02, and the multiple space distance of sidewall hole of the round head and waist tank is + /-0.01.

6. High-precision square bearing

Materials: CPM 420V (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) powder metallurgy stainless steel
Work piece dimensions: 40 × 30 × 15
The surface treatment: HRC62 ± 2 vacuum heat treatment, tempering 3 times, and carbonizing tungsten processing
Processing time: 1 hour
Processing equipment: CNC machining center, surface grinder, etc
Process difficulties: fine hole size Φ15H6, Φ4P6 still maintains intact roundness and size after subjection to a complex heat treatment process and carbonizing tungsten carbide. The symmetry between the hole and the center plane is 0.01. Three - hole location is 0.02.

7. Pipe- form medical equipment parts

Material: UNS S20910 high nitrogen stainless steel
The size of work-piece: 72.6 x 17.07 x 14.28
Processing time: 1.5 hours
Processing equipment: CNC milling machine, surface grinder, etc
Technology difficulty: high nitrogen stainless steel belongs to difficult-to-machine materials. The wear of tool is very fast. Size is difficult to be stable. Plus the shape is very complex. Almost the entire surface is curved surface and cambered surface, so the craft positioning of fixture is difficult but with relatively high precision.

8. Solar equipment assembly parts assemble with stainless steel flange

Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
The size of work-piece: Φ 440 * 44
Processing time: 10 hours
Processing equipment: CNC lathe, and argon welder, and vacuum helium leaking test instrument, etc

Processing difficulties:

A. There is a swallow-tail shaped tank with the width of 5.8 mm, bottom length of 9.5mm, and depth of 6mm in the end of the Φ 400 point whose roughness in the bottom of the tank is Ra1.0. When processing the end, the tank knife is small without rigidity which cannot normally do the cutting. Our company uses a unique method to solve this difficulty.

B. The other end has a 5 mm wide and 25mm deep tank. We use circle welding and joints in the mouth to form multiple shape cavity, and the welding sealing is needed to try helium leakage test with 1.7 x 10-11 L/S rate. 

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